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We look to innovate in ways that not only improve on technology, but raise the bar to set new standards of excellence.

Our featured products are our nurse call light system, which is aptly called the TBox, our Digital Name Display, and our Smart Mirror.

Our Digital Name Display and Smart Mirror can also be used as standalone, either with or without the TBox.

Welcome to Hamilton Smart

The TBox is the Swiss Army Knife of Nurse Call Systems

  • Patented technology

  • Includes Smart Assistant speech activated tech

  • Large, easy to read and understand, annunciator panel

  • Alerts to maintenance & dietary of guests needs

  • Alerts sent if room temp limits exceeded

  • USB charging ports for guests electronics

  • Elopement deterrent with window connected to TBox to activate call light

  • Messages left with receptionist can be sent to TBox as audio

  • Bluetooth technology for adding external speaker

  • Staff swipe badge to cancel call light

  • Integrated hallway Digital Name Display that doulbes as the hallway call light indicator

  • Audio and Visual indicators to alert staff to which room to respond to first when multiple active

  • User defined email alerts 

  • Integrated beeper system to alert staff

  • Quick release magnetic call cord reduces breakage

  • De-centralized system to prevent multiple failures

  • Self diagnosing alerts to streamline downtime

With the Swipe to Cancel feature, staff will cancel the call light by simply swiping their name badge. This feature allows for accountability of which staff responded to the call light. All swipes are logged for viewing by authorized personnel.

The Code Blue button signals the staff to respond to a critical emergency in that room.  Along with the hallway call light turning blue, there is a specific sound to also alert to an emergency.

The Staff Only button is used for non emergencies when staff may need help lifting or such. This activates a beeper that would alert staff to that specific room.

Press & Hold the Maint or Dietary button to record your request for either department. This will go directly to the respective staff to alert them to the resident/patient needs. In addition, when the Maint button is pressed, it also turns on the hallway call light indicator  to yellow so any maintenance staff walking by can address the concern. This helps to expedite these services.

The Smart Assistant is a speech activated assistant. Simply by saying "Hey Dennis", you can control you room lights, turn on the call light, etc, similar to Google and Alexa assistants.

MSG is where messages can be left from the facility operator. A red light flashing indicates there is a message waiting. Pressing the MSG button plays the message.

This call light cord connection is magnetic. This greatly reduces the expensive call box damage by allowing the call cord to fall away safely when cord is over extended.

USB Chargers built in to keep our smart devices ready to go.

Optional video camera that can turn on when Code Blue is activated so that authorized staff can view staff response and needs.

Speaker for items such as audio response to call light activation, Smart Assistant responses, messages playback, etc.

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