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T h e  S m a r t   M i r r o r

Our Smart Mirror has the perfect blend of high tech and low tech. The mirror portion is self explanatory. But the high tech, well now, that's the cool part.

Our Smart Mirror gives us much of the data that we seem to look for several times a day. Such as date, time, current & forecast weather. But, being smart, it gives us so much more.

For example, it  can also be tied into calendars. Such as in elder care homes, it can show what the next 3 activities events are, or what the next 3 meals are. It can also show rotational items such as inspirational quotes.


And did we mention that it has an Alexa built into it? That's right. Just ask Alexa anything.

It is your information station.

Information tailored for you, in one place. Now that's Smart.

Smart Mirror 1.jpg
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