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Our Name Display goes with any decor

Can be used with our nurse call system or independent

Changing display info is quick and easy from single computer

The Digital Name Display

Name Display Lit Hallway.jpg

Our Versatile Digital Name Display 

  • Patented technology

  • Can be used with or without nurse call system

  • Use in offices, apartments, banquet halls, for conference rooms, etc

  • Beautiful display adds high tech to your decor

  • Select from dozens of themed background photos

  • Each photo theme has several photos that cycle

  • Varied color edge lighting to alert for items such as maintenance, room occupied, or just because

  • Designated computer can update any number of displays as needed. Quickly, easily

  • Display can have resident or employee names, conference room name, reserved status, etc

  • Automatically wish happy birthdays, Happy Holidays, welcome, or any occasion

When used with nursing call system

  • Integrated hallway Digital Name Display doubles as the hallway call light indicator

  • Audio and Visual indicators to alert staff to which room to respond to first when multiple active

  • Color band changes color for specific events, i.e, blue for Code Blue, fades white to red for standard call light (signifies length on), yellow for maintenance request, green for bath call light, orange for window opened too far. Colors are user defined

  • Can be used in place of a shadowbox

  • It can display resident name with a short bio and even use family photos  

  • Monitor can also display always on colored dots indicating if resident is fall risk, or diabetic, or wanderer, or such. Or if used for common room if occupied, reserved, open, etc

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